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Door Hangers
Super Fast Service, Reasonably Priced, and Pay No Sales Tax
(except in Arizona)

Door Hangers

If you need door hangers for a political campaign, and you need them in a hurry, you'll be happy to know that we will have your door hangers printed and ready to ship 3 business days after you approve your design!

Compare that to the 7-10 days most other companies offer as their standard service.

While most other companies charge for each additional color your door hangers require, at Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges & More, we don't. With our service, your door hangers can include as many colors you wish, and you won't pay any extra for those colors.


Have us produce the door hangers you need for your campaign and you will pay no sales tax.
(except on orders that are shipped to Arizona) On larger orders, that can be a considerable savings!

If you would like to have us print the union bug / union label on your door hangers, just ask. We are happy to provide it at no additional charge.

Cost to have door hangers produced

Artwork for your door hangers can be created using any of the following methods. You can:

1. Send us print-ready artwork.

To send us print-ready artwork for your order of door hangers, click here.

2. Choose one of our professionally designed templates
The fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to create artwork for your
door hangers is to choose a template from our collection of our professionally designed political door hangers templates and have our art department layout the text for your design.

Should you decide to use one of our door hanger templates, the charge to do so is only $20.00 per template.
(that price includes type setting your text without modifying the template itself. Modifying the template, which would include moving, adding, changing, or deleting design elements, would be additional).

We have templates that were designed to include the candidate's photo and templates that are intended to be "text only", and would not include the candidate's photo.

Feel free to use a template with your candidate's
photo on one side and a template without a photo on the other or to use the same template on both sides.

>> See our door hanger templates that would include a photo

palm card template wp-88
palm card template 1
palm card template
push card template palm card template wp-66

To view our door hanger templates that would include your candidate's photo, click here.

>> See our door hanger templates that would not include a photo

push card template without photo
push card template 25
push card template 30
push card template 20 push card template 30

To view our door hanger templates that are "text only" and would not use your candidate's photo, click here.

If you are on a tight budget and would like to have both push cards / palm cards and door hangers, but don't feel as though you can afford both, we now offer clear plastic door hanger bags that make it possible to use a 4" x 9" push card / palm card as a door hanger. These bags are inexpensive (only $5.00 per hundred) and allow you to leave other items, such as a button, business card, and/or bumper sticker as you go campaigning, door to door.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

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