Happy Holidays and a message to our customers

Happy Holidays and a message to our customers

Happy Holidays!

To all of our Customers old and new, from the bottom of our heart we want to thank everyone of you. 2020 was not a year anyone could have planned or prepared for both professionally and personally. It was a challenging year of ups and downs for everyone leaving unknowns and new uncertainties in everyone’s paths.

We at Dr. Dons are grateful for you as our customers and as our support. Your choice to trust us with your orders big and small kept this family business going. Where you spent your hard earned money is appreciated by all of us today. We stand here with grateful hearts that your choices will help this 29 year old business see year 30. Thank you for supporting us, helping us keep our employees here and keeping this family run business around. We say thank you again and again!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the passing our long time shipping manager and my mother Cathy Ratliff.

Cathy was never a voice you heard answer the phone or a signature on an email. But if you ordered something from us it was handled with care from Cathy. She was a huge part of Dr. Dons and the growth of us as a company over the years. We received so many sweet and kind messages, which meant the world to our family.

We look forward to doing business with you over the next year and beyond.
Merry Christmas and Happy Year from your friends at Dr. Don's Buttons!

Adam Ratliff

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