Want a multi size button maker? 5 reasons thats not a great idea

Want a multi size button maker? 5 reasons thats not a great idea

Don't buy a multi size button machine before reading this. 

Thinking about buying a button maker? Once you have decided you wan to start making buttons, usually the next question is what size should I get and I wonder if I can get a multi size machine so I can make all different sizes with one machine. This is one of our most common questions we receive when a customer is in the market for a button machine. Let us explain why this is as great of an idea as you may think.  

When it comes to making buttons, the task can be a tad difficult. This is especially for button makers who are just rookies in the game. One of the major issues which they face will be the choice between making the manual button makers who specialize in just one button size and trying varieties by using the interchangeable dies. There are several reasons why it is important to always stick with one button when starting out in button making. Knowing these reasons would help you to avoid the temptation of using the interchangeable dies in the future. 

Here are the top reasons you should always consider;

For Efficiency
One thing that is surely not good for buttons is plastic. The presence of plastic can reduce the value of the buttons that have been made. When using interchangeable dies, the presence of plastic among many button makers is very likely. This is unlike the one button size practiced by many button makers. This promotes efficiency on a much greater scale. If you want to be efficient, then you should go for a one-sized button all the time.

Price and Value
One of the things you should always look out for is the price of the buttons and the corresponding value which you are sure to get from it. This comes into play when considering one button size to interchangeable dies. The truth is that the cost of getting a 3 in one machine which deals in making varieties of buttons is so much expensive than getting just one of the manual buttons machines which are produced by Dr. Dons. In fact, the price of the machine is twice as much as the manual buttons!

This means that you would spend so much less if you decide to go for the manual button machines. Another thing which you would avoid would be the problem of changing dies. Before new sizes of a button can be produced by the 3 in one machine, you would to remove the dies and change it. With the manual button machines, this would surely not be necessary as you would be able to use one button size throughout. You would be in effect saving yourself some time also.

Multi-die machine damage
If you are buying a quality button maker the most expensive part is the steel dies. Imagine investing your hard earned money into a button maker, you get started and accidentally damage a die set when changing it out. One little knick on the die set can cause it to make bad buttons and most times if the die set can be repaired its more than a second machine would of cost you. This is more common than you think.  

The Presence of Plastic
As earlier stated in passing, the presence of plastic can have a terrible effect on your buttons. Our manual button machines use the same die set that our high volume production turn tables use. Which means you are getting a professional and quality looking button. Some of the multi size machines use plastic dies, they do this for the very reason I mentioned above, its very easy to damage a die set if you are changing them out all the time. So you say great, now I can do this without the possibility of damage, expect now you don't get a professional button. Plastic pushing together a metal button leads to edges rippled, air pockets and probably not a button you would be happy selling or giving to anyone. We don't use plastic hammers or plastic shovels to get a job done, so why would you use a plastic machine to push together a metal button. We use plastic silverware, and we all know where that goes when we are done with it. 


Reliability and Dependability
We have been selling button machines for almost 30 years now. Our button machines are both reliable and dependable. We have customers still using the same machine they bought from us 20 plus years ago.

Here is something else to consider, a majority of multi size machines are not made in the United States. So what happens when it breaks? Is your new part going to have to be imported or do they even make that style machine anymore.

Do machines break, yes like everything things can wear down and break. This is why we offer a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY on our machines. Think about having to wait for a machine part to come in from China while you lose business waiting or getting someone to help you diagnose whats going on with the machine. Take that example with Dr. Don's, a machine is jammed or a spring breaks. Call us and speak to a LIVE, in house customer service representative who can walk you through either fixing the machine or getting it sent back to us for repair. 

While multi size machines sound like a good idea at first, I think you would agree a second size machine for a few dollars more makes a lot more sense. Take a look at our full line of button makers here. 

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