Do the button makers you offer have interchangable dies?

A frequently asked question I receive is, "Do the button machines you offer have interchangeable dies?"

And the answer is no, they don't.
Having a button machine that has interchangeable dies might seem like a cost effective solution if you are just getting started, but here's why having a button machine with interchangeable dies isn't as good an idea as it might seem.

The two main reasons have to do with price and time. Allow me to explain.

The most expensive part of our button machines are the dies. Precision-made steel dies are the expensive, which is why some companies use plastic dies. The rest of the machine is bar stock. And a second set of steel dies would cost nearly as much as would a second machine.

And if you had one button machine with two sets of dies, you could only make one size button at a time.

However, with two button machines (and a little help), you could make both sizes at the same time or make both sizes in separate locations.

This might not seem important when you are first getting started, but once your business starts growing, it will be!

The second reason is time. More specifically, how much time would you have to spend to change over from one set of dies to the other.

Imagine spending 5 or 10 minutes changing the dies to make one or two sample buttons and then having to spend another 5 or 10 minutes to go back to the size you were making!

While interchangeable dies sound like a good idea, I think you would have to agree that for a few dollars more, having a second button machine makes a lot more sense.

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